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Monday, 20 December 2010

Natural horsemanship at work

When two passions come together it's a really, really good day.

A few months ago I first met Laira Gold socially and was fascinated to discover that she is a 'horse whisperer' or practices 'natural horsemanship'. I've owned, evented and generally been obsessed by these incredible creatures in my time but wasn't familiar with this method of working with horses. Over the last few months I have advised Laira on her brand and slowly began to learn more about how she worked and was delighted to be asked to help her bring what she does alive through imagery.

As soon as the shoot began and I was able to witness her methods it all just fell into place - it simply makes sense and is a fascinating and thought provoking way of working with horses. Thought provoking for me as a parent - I recognised many of the issues that we struggle with - boundaries, respect, authority and it really got me thinking about lots of different things.

Last night I was walking past the TV when I noticed that a horse whisperer was on BBC 2's Edwardian Farm practicing join up and generally interacting with a wild dartmoor pony for the first time. I called my husband in who knows Laira and has no real interest in horses. But he was blown away by it - 'moved' he said.

Anyway - point being not only did I love the shoot for obvious reasons but it also introduced me to something new and interesting. Yeay.

Laira also runs Human Through Horses - providing Psychotherapy and Learning for humans assisted by horses.

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