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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Trading Places - My Boudoir Shoot

So today was the day I traded places and put myself in the hands of another photographer. Much easier written then done.

I have been wonderfully surprised by how much I have enjoyed shooting boudoir and have found a style that suits me and how I think boudoir should be shot.

Little did I realise the enormous trust your client places in your hands. But I now know because today I did the same with Lou. It is a very strange experience to be aware of a photographer working but having no idea of exactly what they are capturing - that's trust between 2 craftsmen.

Then there is the trust between 2 women. We are complicated creatures who are full of insecurities fuelled by our media obsessed world. Our own worst enemies we invariably focus on, and worry about, our 'flaws'. Boudoir on the other hand is all about celebrating what's fabulous.

I certainly hope the results make me see myself from a different perspective. I guess from my husbands' perspective. In many ways I wish I had done this just before my wedding in 2002. I was without a doubt the slimmest I have ever been, the most body confident. As 2010 draws to a close I am a 35 yr old mother of 2 who gets practically no 'me' time. I have far more respect for my body now - for the babies it has created and nurtured - but it's a more practical relationship today. The shoot has made me think about my daughter, how she is yet to develop into a women. I think I did it partly for her, to be shared in the future, during those years of angst that lie ahead.

I have purposefully posted this tonight having not seen a single shot. I wanted to reflect on how the shoot alone made me feel. Who knows how I'll feel when I see the pictures!

2 Weeks Later

If the shoot is an interesting experience then seeing the results for the first time is truly something to remember. It's a shock - seeing yourself from all angles. I have repeatedly heard clients say 'I can't believe it's me, is that really me' etc. I was heard uttering the same.

Having chosen my favourites I created a DVD for my husband set to the dulcet tones of the sublime Melody Gardot. It was his 9th wedding anniversary present. I'm delighted to say it blew him away. Not that I ever doubted the power of boudoir but now I really, really get it.

For obvious reasons I'm not sharing...

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