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Friday, 24 September 2010

Jade's fabulous boudoir shoot

Through networking I have been lucky enough to meet Jade - a talented graphic designer and great fun with it. She mentioned to me that a few years previously she had a studio boudoir shoot done. We had a look at the images together and I felt that the results, all direct flash lighting, didn't do her justice. However, that was just my opinion.

Happily a few weeks later she decided she wanted me to shoot her and that she was going to use her hair and make up contacts to help her look and feel fantastic. Sam and Donna, who work at Arthur's Radio in Buckingham, got creative with Jade's hair and Clare from the Beauty Therapy Centre completed the look with make up and semi-permanent lashes. The resulting vintage movie star 'look' suited my style perfectly.

The shoot was a lot of fun and very creative. We used a variety of light sources - mainly natural but added a bit of flash for drama at one stage. She also has incredible lights in her office so we took the shoot there too. That's the way I work - I arrive, see where the best light is and then use it to make the woman look her best.

I am really enjoying shooting Boudoir - whether for brides or just for fun and a confidence boost. So much so that a very talented photographer friend of mine has persuaded me to be the other side of the lens...

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