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Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Signature 'Style'

When I start editing a wedding shoot, like this one of Nick and Rachel, I'm always looking for the image that I will spend a little bit of extra special time on. I don't know what the image will be until I see it - it could be because of beautiful light, an expression or an interesting background.

I love to take these images and explore their potential. I always say to people that taking the picture is just part of the journey - for me exploring it's digital artistry is just as exciting and rewarding. My editing tablet and pen is just the digital version of my old days with brush and oils.

I have a tendency to be attracted to textures and to take colour out rather than put it in as so many contemporary photographers do. People refer to my signature sytle as vintage, timeless and artistic, other photographers ask me what I do to the images. I take them on a journey and sometimes there's more than one happy destination.

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