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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Boudoir. Sexy, Stylish and in demand.

When I started my photography business I didn't really think about offering boudoir imagery. I knew that it was growing in popularity but because none of my closest friends had done a shoot like this it was beyond my personal experience.

In reality, of course, my love of vintage style photography is perfectly suited to glamorous, intimate portraits that celebrate women.

Recently I was contacted about doing a shoot for a client's husband - he was turning 40, she wanted something unique and he happened to have a thing about her legs. We booked the shoot, I explored the creative and artistic potential, we collaborated, dispelled the nerves. And had a lot of fun.

In the boudoir style shoots that I've done since there is a common thread. Nerves, slight disbelief from the client that they are actually doing this. Followed by a growing confidence and a real sense of empowerment. All of them surprised themselves by just how much they enjoyed the shoot. And all of them are DELIGHTED with the results.

And I loved the shoots too. It's a great opportunity to explore the art of boudoir and create something special. There is also a big demand - for wedding boudoir as well as more casual sessions. Women are doing it for themselves as much as for their partners.

I'll keep adding work but here is an initial taster...

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