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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Boudoir. Sexy, Stylish and in demand.

When I started my photography business I didn't really think about offering boudoir imagery. I knew that it was growing in popularity but because none of my closest friends had done a shoot like this it was beyond my personal experience.

In reality, of course, my love of vintage style photography is perfectly suited to glamorous, intimate portraits that celebrate women.

Recently I was contacted about doing a shoot for a client's husband - he was turning 40, she wanted something unique and he happened to have a thing about her legs. We booked the shoot, I explored the creative and artistic potential, we collaborated, dispelled the nerves. And had a lot of fun.

In the boudoir style shoots that I've done since there is a common thread. Nerves, slight disbelief from the client that they are actually doing this. Followed by a growing confidence and a real sense of empowerment. All of them surprised themselves by just how much they enjoyed the shoot. And all of them are DELIGHTED with the results.

And I loved the shoots too. It's a great opportunity to explore the art of boudoir and create something special. There is also a big demand - for wedding boudoir as well as more casual sessions. Women are doing it for themselves as much as for their partners.

I'll keep adding work but here is an initial taster...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Shooting Incognito

On Saturday night I had fun photographing a 21st birthday party - where the theme was Incognito.

The guests made a huge effort with costumes and it was a visual feast for a photographer. The lovely DJ, Tom Baker, of Splendid got things grooving after dinner and I had some fun with slow shutter speeds and funky lighting. Here a just a few of my fave pics from the night.

Thanks to Nell and her family for making me feel so welcome.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Signature 'Style'

When I start editing a wedding shoot, like this one of Nick and Rachel, I'm always looking for the image that I will spend a little bit of extra special time on. I don't know what the image will be until I see it - it could be because of beautiful light, an expression or an interesting background.

I love to take these images and explore their potential. I always say to people that taking the picture is just part of the journey - for me exploring it's digital artistry is just as exciting and rewarding. My editing tablet and pen is just the digital version of my old days with brush and oils.

I have a tendency to be attracted to textures and to take colour out rather than put it in as so many contemporary photographers do. People refer to my signature sytle as vintage, timeless and artistic, other photographers ask me what I do to the images. I take them on a journey and sometimes there's more than one happy destination.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Accessories

Back when I was working in media in London my two daydreams of escape were becoming a photographer or a jewellery designer. I'm delighted to have achieved one of them and am also delighted to share with you some of the people who are out there creating stunning jewellery for weddings and similar:


Launched in 2000 by Marlene Molloy and her Daughter Sarah FitzGerald. In their words:

We have always been mad about jewellery and accessories and wanted to be able to offer very special pieces, which are not mass produced or available on the High Street, and hence Euphoria was born.

Working only with the most original and high quality elements, mainly sourced from vintage c. 1920’s-1950’s jewellery, individual pieces are created which are bold, daring and of exceptional quality and style. All our pieces are made to order so that we can accommodate particular requirements such as altering colour or components – therefore ensuring your piece is just perfect!

Flo and Percy

In her words:

Kirstie Taylor left Art College in 1987, since then she has been designing accessories with particular interest in vintage fashion.

Kirstie has recently refreshed her skills by studying at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London. She has since designed for many discerning brides and celebrities. Her work is regularly featured in numerous wedding magazines and local and national press.

She continually keeps a close eye on current wedding trends and modern vintage chic.

Magpie Vintage

In their words:

Magpie Vintage was formed by the union of the creative talents of Lisa Harris and Tania Borton.
Contemporary style combined with a love of Victorian opulence and the timeless quality of antique and vintage materials are reworked with silver to form eclectic one off wearable designs. The range caters for all occasions including the decadent bridal collection-the components of which are various hues of white.

Now in our Sixth year, Magpie Vintage are stockist of Phillipa Lepley, Sassy Holford, Caroline Castigliano, Jenny Packham and can be found in prestige boutiques throughout the country.

Jo Barnes

In her words:

My name is Jo and I just adore vintage jewellery and anything that sparkles! I love searching for
beautiful pieces. I started by making my own bridal bouquet which I created from my grandmothers pearl necklaces and brooches from the 1940's.

That's where Jo Barnes began...It is my passion to create new designs, it makes me extremely proud to have brides wear my creations on their special day.


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