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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Why do I need a brand?

When you set up a photography business there will by many things that you are told you ‘need’ including:
  • The right equipment
  • The technical knowledge
  • An inspiring portfolio
  • A brand
I’m sure you agree with the first 3 points but why do you need a brand?

Building a new photography business is full of substantial pressures and barriers because of factors such as:
  • Pressure to compete on price
  • The proliferation of competitors
  • Pressure for short terms results
  • Pressure to have a unique photographic style
But assuming that your craft and presentation is at a standard required for your market sector then how can you stand out from your competitors? After all there are many, many great lifestyle photographers out there today.

Your brand will make you stand out – it is one of the only things that will differentiate you.  It will also position  you in the marketplace - immediately saying where you sit on a scale of 1 - 10.  Think of it in terms of supermarkets - are you an Asda or a Waitrose?

My brand is as much about the experience of working with me as the final product I deliver. I’ve made a number of promises about how I want my customers to feel about working with me. In order to deliver the total brand experience I need to take consistently great images, deliver a fantastic customer experience and ensure that my brand looks and sounds the same at every touch point from a brochure to my website and beyond. For every client, every time.

So I hope you can now see the benefit of having a brand. You might not yet understand what a brand actually is though? My next post covers this question.

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