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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A photographer? You need a brand.

Prior to setting up my photography business I worked for the international brand consultancy Lambie Nairn. Before joining them I read a lot of books and papers on this complex word ‘brand’ and didn’t truly understand it until I saw the power of good brand design and communication play out across different markets and sectors.
I believe in branding because I’ve seen it work.
The reason I have added this dedicated section to my blog is because I believe that, as a photographer, you need a brand. Getting an effective brand should be relatively straightforward but sadly it’s a term that is much misunderstood and abused. I often hear marketers talk about what makes some brands successful. I can tell you that it is very easy to take a successful brand, pull it apart and say why it works. What we had to do was take flagging brands and revive them, or build brands from scratch. We had a process that we used because it worked.
I used this process when I created my brand alongside my friend and ex-Creative Director from Lambie-Nairn, Sally Nesbitt (who has since founded Evolve Agency) .

If you are interested I have published some posts which touch on:

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